Free online postpartum doula.

I am studying as a postpartum doula and looking to help new moms through the fourth trimester.

I have a baby of my own and only offer home visits with baby in tow at this time, however I am offering online support for free.

I offer gentle, nonjudgmental, informed support.


Do you want to talk about your birth experience? Do you have questions about your birth that you want more information about? Do you want help letting go of negative feelings about your birth experience?

Do you have breastfeeding questions?

Do you want to know about healthy infant sleep habits?

Are you expecting a new baby? Have you recently given birth?

If you would like someone compassionate to talk to, send me an email. I am passionate about the fourth trimester. You can read one of my other blogs to learn more about me.

Having a new baby is a wonderful, but difficult transition for many parents. If you would like some extra support please use the contact form below or send me an email at

If you would like an in home visit and you are located in Kingston I can come to you. Sending virtual hugs to all you amazing mummies!

Mother’s Helper Launch Party

Join us on April 6th from 1 – 3PM to celebrate the official launch of Mother’s Helper!

We will be at Princess Street United Church, having a fun, FREE, family party. There will be an Easter themed obstacle course, face painting, science experiments, pin the tail on the bunny, and more fun activities for you and your children. Parents will have the opportunity to meet and greet local service providers who provide family services.

Hop on over to 484 Albert Street on April 6th.

Hop on over to 484 Albert Street on April 6th.

Who will you meet?

Carrie Armstrong, of Family Time Directory and Early Childhood Resource Connection
Bob McCarthy, offering handy-man services and custom furniture for children
Cheryl Rondeau, of Cheryl’s Housekeeping
Melanie Hughes, emergency daycare provider
Mariana Abeid-McDougall, instructor of active classes for little ones
Lisa Rolo, Baby Sign Language Teacher
Amber Bond, of Amber Bond Photography
Jeff Borisko, tutor and owner of “Learning Lab”
Sherry McCauley, postpartum trainer and owner of BodyBack Fitness
Shanna Abdo, Personal Stylist and Closet Makeover Specialist
Amelia Viveiros, owner at Amelia in Cakeland
Weronika Dubois, Mommy Concierge of Mother’s Helper, also offering Postpartum Helper services to nurture your new family

There will be door prizes, coupons and more!

Bring your family and friends and come celebrate with us on April 6th.

Please feel free to send us an email with any questions at

How do we find you a nanny or helper?

Have you been looking for a nanny on your own, and it has not been working out?

Mother’s Helper offers an extensive consultation, and in depth interview process, to ensure I find you a great helper. When you hire a helper through Mother’s Helper, I come to your home, to train your helper to offer nanny services the same way I do!

Let’s start at the beginning. You have realized you need some extra help and you give us a call. We book a consultation in your home, where I can meet you and your children and learn about your parenting approach. At the consultation, I assess what your needs are, and we talk about what makes a helper a great fit for your family.

What questions do I ask?

Here is a sample:

“Tell me about meal time? What type of meals do your children enjoy? What meals would you like your helper to be able to prepare?”

“What activities are most important to you, for your child’s well being? What does she enjoy the most?”

After the consultation, I develop a preliminary questionnaire, unique to your needs. The questionnaire ensures that nannies who apply, have the availability and qualifications that your helper will need. For example, if you need a helper who will run errands, your nanny will need a drivers license.

I then contact the helpers in my database and have them answer the questionnaire. I also post an ad, on at least 3 job boards, which specifically outlines the schedule that your nanny would work, and the qualifications which she would need. The applicants who respond in a professional manner, are then sent the questionnaire.

We typically send or receive over one hundred emails at this stage! Imagine having to do all this administrative work on your free time?

The next step, is to choose the three best applications, and host interviews. Applicants bring a copy of their Police Check and First Aid certification, as well as at least two references. Interviews with Mother’s Helper are over an hour long, sometimes close to two hours. It is so important that I really understand who this helper is, and what her experience and child minding style is like.

What do I ask at the interview?

Here is a sample of questions:

“Can you give an example of a time you had to multitask at a job? How do you feel about multitasking as a mother’s helper?”

“Can you think of three fun, creative or active, activities to do with children?”

After each interview, I email you, the mother, a summery of how the interview went. At this point I will give you as many details as possible. I hope to create a dialog between us where the client asks many questions and discusses options.

After creating a summary for you, I complete reference checks for the helpers.

Within a few days of all three interviews being completed, we can book a telephone consultation to answer any unanswered questions about this process or the potential nannies. At that point, the client will choose one helper to interview with her.

Once you have chosen your helper, Mother’s Helper will email you a copy of a contract, specifically designed for your unique situation. The client can make changes to the contract as you see fit. Once the helper and the mother agree on the terms of the contract, it can be signed.

Our unique approach:

We offer mentoring!

Mother’s Helper has a great reputation for offering extraordinaire nanny and helper services. We want to make sure your helper also offers extraordinaire services. That is why we have created a special training package that we deliver to your helper, in your home. I also stay with the helper for a few hours to explain the Mother’s Helper approach and offer personalized mentoring.

And the final step…

We offer at least two follow up’s. We talk to you, and to your helper, and assist you in creating a happy, productive, and fulfilling relationship with your helper.

Once you decide you need a helper, whether it is full-time or part-time, give us a call, 613-531-1744.

We look forward to talking with you.

There is no other service like ours in Kingston, Ontario. We truly are the ultimate busy mom resource.